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Rules & Regulations

  • We provide all axes,  no personal axes allowed.

  • Must be 10+ to throw AND be able to safely handle an axe with a parent/legal guardian present

  • Anyone under 18 must have legal guardian present with signed waiver

  • Closed toe shoes are required, No heels, or you CAN NOT THROW.

  • When your session is over please exit the throwing area in a timely manner as we have other sessions booked for that lane.

  • Axes may not leave the lane they are assigned to

  • No bottles, phones or objects of any kind allowed in your hand(s) while holding an axe

  • When axes are not in use they are to be resting in the lanes Axe bin.

  • Never hand or transfer an axe to another person. After throwing put the axe in the bin. The next person will retrieve it for their turn. 

  • Never turn away from the target and or Axe until the Axe has come to a complete rest. Always be aware of where the Axe(s) are. Eyes on Axes all the time!!

  • Keep fingers, hands, away from grid openings and within the confines of your assigned lane.

  • Always check surrounding areas before throwing an Axe

  • No food or beverages in the active Axe throwing area

  • No juggling, bouncing, under handed throws or irresponsible “horseplay” will be tolerated.

  • Never be in possession of more than one Axe at a time.

  • Inform staff immediately of any injury, broken targets and or broken axes

  • Intoxicated participants and or spectators will be asked to leave the premises, over-indulgence is not allowed. No refunds or reschedules for these occurrences

  • Have fun!

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