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April is National Donate Life Month

Hello April!! 🌺🎯🪓😤

Hello National Donate Life Month 🙌🏻🙏

This month we are offering a discount for anyone who comes in and shows us a valid license with organ donor on it.

For those of you that know us or have been following our journey as new owners we love giving back .

Organ donation means so much to us and especially for our family.

Scott one of the owners had his heart transplant at age 23 and if it weren’t for his donor he wouldn’t be here with us today.

Our daughter Emerlyn also has the same condition and we can only hope in her future she doesn’t need a donor, but we are very thankful for those who do donate.

We appreciate every single one of you!

Saving a life is more then we can ever give back but we will continue to always help where we can 🙌🏻🪓

If you are booking ahead of time use code donormonth and we will check IDs at check in!

Much love,

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